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About Us

At Strategy Capital we strive to find you the best financing options to suit your needs.

Finance is about people, and the funding you require to make your dreams become a reality. Rarely about simply obtaining a loan, finance is the journey you take throughout your life as your family and businesses grow. 

Meet Our Principal – David McMillan

With more than 15 years experience in senior management roles for some of Australia’s largest banks, David has learned that to be successful, you need to have a passion for your craft and put high value on building and maintaining relationships. David has a thorough understanding of the finance industry while offering the complete independence of Strategy Capital.

Broker Group & Professional Memberships

Strategy Capital is a member of Professional Lenders Association Network of Australia Pty Ltd ‘PLAN Australia’, one of Australia’s largest mortgage aggregation groups. PLAN provides us access to a broad range of residential and commercial lenders, hosts our main processing and client management systems, and provides training and support that enables us to provide you the best service.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Why are more Australian’s than ever using mortgage brokers?

o   More choice.  Having a view of the entire industry and products, not just in-house products of one bank.

o    Knowledge and navigation. By understanding you and your requirements, your broker can recommend a lender and product suitable to you.  The best options for now, and in the future as your needs change.  The same lender isn’t likely the best fit for you over your entire life journey, and your broker will help you navigate this.

o   The best deal for you.  Once your broker has taken the time to understand your situation and goals, they can source the best offers for you.  This is something you couldn’t possibly do yourself, and some of these options might not even be available to you without your broker. 58% of borrowers who used brokers in 2016 stated they got a much better deal than going directly to a lender (ASIC ‘Review of mortgage broker remuneration’ 2016)

o   A broker is your personal lending advisor, working with you.  Traditionally, this is a service only available to the wealthy few.  This is where a long-term relationship supports you now and into your future.

Responsible lending statement: Before we provide credit assistance to you, we assess whether the particular loan or lease is suitable for you. To do this, we will need to conduct a full assessment of your situation and provide a recommendation. Individual lender credit guidelines, terms and conditions exist. Please refer to our privacy policy for additional information. 

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